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5.5mm and 4.5mm Sterling Silver & Gold Cubes
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Welcome to the new Alphabet Block Letters, Numbers & Special Characters/Symbols Website!
We offer individually block letters and also ready made name necklaces and name bracelets.

These gold blocks
are being discontinued.
Alphabet Block letter 5.5 mm
Alphabet Block letter 5.5 mm
Alphabet Block letter 5.5 mm

The alphabet block letters or cubes are top quality cast sterling silver beads and gold-filled beads, with a large hole for multiple strands or up to 2mm leather cords. Use them to make the popular "name necklaces", "name bracelets", "Mother Necklaces", "Mother Bracelets", "Father Necklaces", "Father Bracelets" and more. We offer two sizes 4.5mm and 5.5mm cubes in sterling silver with the letter, number or symbol on the four sides. The gold-filled block letters are 4.5mm with a letter on all 4 sides. The gold-filled blocks aren't available with numbers or symbols yet. We hope those will be available soon!

Ready Made Name Necklaces and Name Bracelets™

Sterling Silver Alphabet Block
Necklace 5.5 or 4.5mm

4.5mm name necklaces
Gold Alphabet Block Name Necklace
Gold-Filled 4.5mm

Sean & Jayden block necklace in gold

Cerate your very own personalized name necklaces or bracelets, including popular Mother's Bracelets, using any of the beads in our extensive Sterling Silver Alphabet Bead range. Or order one already made. There are so many different types of silver letter beads to choose from, and you'll have a lot of fun exploring the selection and thinking of new creations.

Alphabet Block Bracelets™
We can create a personalized name necklace or bracelet for you. Because there are unlimited design ideas for Alphabet Block Bracelets™ we created a website just for bracelets!
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Making Bracelets

Do not dip the sterling silver or gold alphabet beads in cleaning solution, they will lose their oxidization.
Instead use a Silver Polishing Cloth.

Contact us for details, questions or special orders: missleigha@yahoo.com

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