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5.5mm and 4.5mm Sterling Silver & Gold Cubes
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Name Necklace with Sterling Silver Blocks and Necklace

This is a sterling silver Name Necklace. You choose the size of the sterling silver alphabet blocks; 4.5mm or 5.5mm and the length of the sterling silver necklace chain; 16" or 18". We have lots of special characters to choose from; Heart, Ampersand, Blank Cube, Cross, Flower and Star of David blocks. The price of the name necklace depends on the number of letters and special characters you choose. The necklace shown below have 11 blocks without spacers and would be $59. With spacers between each letter it would be $69.
Sean and Jayden name necklace
~11 Letters/Symbols~
~No spacers shown above - Spacers shown below ~

Sean & Jayden Necklace
Spacers only available with 5.5mm Blocks
Scroll down for larger images...

Star of David

Pricing of the Name Necklaces depends on the numbers of letters and symbols on each necklace and includes sterling silver necklace (no spacers):

1 letter $29
2 letters $32
3 letters $35
4 letters $38
5 letters $41
6 letters $44
7 letters $47
8 letters $50
9 letters $53
8 letters $56
11 letters $59
12 letters $62
13 letters $65
14 letters $68
15 letters $71
16 letters $74
17 letters $77
18 letters $80
19 letters $83
20 letters $86
21 letters $89

22 letters $92

Spacer beads (between each letter and or symbol) are $1 each. Spacer beads are either 5mm or 6mm round smooth sterling silver beads.

Enter Name(s): Please enter the order of the beads...
e.g. SEAN (heart) JAYDEN, (flower) ASHLEY (flower), AJ (blank) TJ, (cross) ALLIE (heart)

Choose number of letters/symbols written above:

Length of necklace:

Choose size of letter/symbol blocks:

Add silver foil box and gift wrap (+ $6.99)
Add silver polishing cloth for cleaning (+ $5)


Heart GOGO Heart Necklace
To order something similar in the name blank write: (heart) GOGO (heart)
6 Letters/Symbols with spacers shown above

~ ~ ~


2 name necklace
To order something similar in the name blank write: HOLLY BETH
9 Letters/Symbols with spacers shown above



Spacer Name Necklace
To order something similar in the name blank write: NAME (flower) NAME
11 Letters/Symbols with spacers shown above

PJ MOLLY MEGAN Name Necklace with no spacers
To order something similar in the name blank write: NAME (heart) NAME (heart) NAME
14 Letters/Symbols with NO spacers shown above

~ ~ ~
Roman Numberal Necklaces
Roman Numeral Necklaces

3 Letters/Symbols with NO spacers shown above


The alphabet block cubes are top quality cast sterling silver beads, with a large hole for multiple strands or up to 2mm leather cords. Use them to make the popular 'mother's', 'father's' or 'family' bracelets and necklaces. They come in 5.5mm cube, with the letter on the four sides. You can also special order smaller and larger cubes and special characters.




Making Bracelets

Do not dip the sterling silver or gold alphabet beads in cleaning solution, they will lose their oxidization.
Instead use a Silver Polishing Cloth.

Contact us for details, questions or special orders: missleigha@yahoo.com

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